Yoga Teachers

Cathy Underwood

‘Be the change’

Born on the Isle of Wight, Cathy left at 17 to study at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts. She went on to enjoy a career as an actress and dancer in Film and TV. During this time Cathy had a parallel career working within the fitness industry and discovered the healing benefits of Reiki and yoga.

It was after the birth of her two boys Cathy combined her skills and experience to set up a community minded business called Yoga4mums; supporting the mental health and physical wellbeing of mums during the various stages of their lives.  Today, Yoga4mums is a multi award winning business that provides classes, retreats and products to all age groups and abilities. Based in North London the business has now expanded to include Yoga and Inclusive Movement Therapy training (IMT) for anyone supporting individuals and groups with Autism, learning disabilities and other complex needs.

Cathy has senior yoga teacher trainer status with The Yoga Alliance Professionals UK and has recently become a Female Founder Ambassador with Enterprise Enfield and JP Morgan, championing women in business.


Dora has been living Yoga for over twenty years and teaching for ten. 

A dedicated practitioner who continues to enquire and learn from some of Yoga’s most renowned teachers. 

Her teaching is guided by a heartfelt desire to provide every student with the tools to create a practice suitable to their own specific needs at any time of life or circumstance. 

Dora’s classes follow the principles of Vinyasa flow ( nyasa / to place, vin /in a special way ) working with Krama ( stages ) to take students safely and intelligently into Peak poses. 

Pranayama, Vedic philosophy and meditation are incorporated into a mindful flow. 

Her studies more recently are moving towards trauma sensitive Yoga and the application of Yoga Nidra and meditation in recovery from addiction, anxiety disorders and emotionally unstable personality disorder. 

Dora can design a Yoga Nidra experience to meet a range of needs from healing relaxation to pain management. This powerful form of meditation will help you unlock your own innate wisdom to meet life’s challenges with less resistance and more clarity.

Emma Spencer-Goodier

teaches her yoga on the Isle of Wight, nationwide and overseas. Her lessons looks for clarity and precision within a flowing asana style that evokes strength, gracefulness and laughter. Pranayama and meditation are woven elegantly into each session to evoke mindfulness and a journey towards presence. This experienced yogini believes that integrity and joy are greatest attributes you can bring to the practice and she guides her students to cultivate these qualities in a peaceful and nurturing environment. Emma is a senior yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance UK.

Claire Saunders

runs a yoga company called Yogabright and she teaches Anusara inspired yoga in London. Originally from the Isle of Wight she returns annually to share the beauty of the island with her mainland clients and to share the delights of Anusara with the island community. Her weekends are fun and uplifting, teaching a flowing class of movement with breath which brings flexibility and strength to the body and peace to the mind.

Laura Gate-Eastley

teaches vinyasa flow yoga in London and runs weekend retreats on the Isle of Wight. She is a passionate and caring teacher who is committed to empowering her students with the tools to develop a strong and regular yoga practice. Each class becomes a moving meditation, strengthening, purifying and creating greater clarity and ease in body and mind. A student teacher mentor, Laura is also Reiki 1 & 2 attuned and a ‘hot yoga’ teacher.

Madison King – writer & teacher of Energy Medicine


if you think you would benefit from time out for YOU; to rest, relax, expand your knowledge, deepen your skills and widen your wisdom. Be with like-minded souls in an idyllic country setting.   I want to create a unique fusion of study and play that will nurture and nourish your very core and reconnect you to your authentic self, so your Wise One Within may flourish.

For my 2019 retreats I’m planning for no more than ten in each, so you have the opportunity to benefit from an intimate and nourishing small group experience.

Debbie Caruso

A little bit about me…I love Energy!  My passion in life is working with, teaching and empowering others to take control of their own health, wellness and happiness by working with the energies of the body. I love researching and practicing different healing methods and passing my knowledge on to others so they can get to know their true selves and learn to work with their unique energies. When our energies are strong, balanced and flowing we are Radiant! When we heal and empower ourselves we become a healing force for everybody around us. Good energy is contagious!

These methods have helped me personally many times over the years and I believe can help everyone, regardless of their situation. If we want to be happy, healthy, well balanced and really thrive, we have to start at the level of our subtle energies.

I am a certified yoga teacher in Hatha & Traditional Tantra with Satya Loka and have practiced Kundalini Yoga for 16 years, and taught it for the last 7 years.

I am a full instructor with the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain, teaching Tai Chi, Qigong, Sound Healing & Meditation.

I am an  Acupressure Therapist SNHC and an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner,

Kim Didden

I have been studying and practising for many years . EFT and Energy Medicine have helped me personally through many physical and emotional problems and I am constantly fascinated with how powerful and effective these methods are in helping people overcome all sorts of problems, and obtain not just physical health, but emotional and mental well-being. Most importantly it gives us the tools to control and improve our own health and healing and that of our family and friends.


I am also an Aromatherapist, Bach flower practitioner and an Acupressure Therapist. Working with the oils on points of the body to help alleviate pain and discomfort both emotionally and physically,  the results never cease to amaze me