Antique loom

Woven fabric

Weaving a cushion cover


I’ve been learning to weave on my antique loom as I want to use the fleece from my own animals. Pictured here is a blend of sheep, alpaca & llama wool which I’m weaving into a cushion cover. I also have weaving yarn which has gone away to be dyed so will be introducing colour to lift & complement the brown.






I am currently weaving a sample blanket which, when it is finished, will comprise several hundred different patterns.  To weave this I am only using 4 shafts and each section has been warped differently.  The pedals are raised in a different order for each section.

Woven patterns

Weaving sample blanket








I have recently taken delivery of dyed Ryland fleece, which came from Henley Hill Farm, Haybridge, Somerset.  These fleeces have been cleaned, spun and dyed by the Natural Fibre Company, so I now have these beautiful colours to weave with my browns.

dyed wool yarn for weaving

Dyed woollen weaving yarn